Nina Lauren

Get To Know Movie and Web-Series Actress Miss Nina Lauren

September 3, 2019

1. How did you get started acting? Well, I got started with acting when I was living in Charlotte, NC. During this particular time, I’d been having a kind of curiosity about the set life, and working with other actors. It looked really fun on tv and I’d always look at the outtakes and think […]

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Full Interview: Get To Know writer, director-producer & actress Onyx Keesha

September 2, 2019

1. Onyx Keesha, where did the ‘Onyx’ derive from?  It’s funny when people hear my name they say “Onyx like the strip club… Onyx like the rap group… Onyx are you a stripper” and I get it but I am always caught off guard because my understanding of Onyx is rooted in the stone. The meaning of it and the beauty of it. Black […]

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B Danielle Watkins Interview

Check Out The Lesbian Web Series 3030 By Author~Screen Writer~Filmmaker B. Danielle Watkins

September 1, 2019

1. You started writing at age 9, What inspired you to become a writer so young?  I honestly don’t think at the time I would have considered it “becoming a writer” as much as I would have considered myself an overachiever.  It was a class assignment I had in 4th grade that caused me to […]

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