Crissy Danielle finally speaks her truth about her relationship with YouTube star Domo Wilson

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Crissy finally speaks her truth about her lesbian relationship with YouTube star, Domo Wilson on her own YouTube channel, Crissy Danielle. Domo and Crissy were together since 2015, were engaged and just had a son, Domonic the previous year, which Domo carried. They broke up late 2018, and within a few months, Domo revealed that Crissy had a new girlfriend. Domo took it to her personal channel to open up about the relationship and came out with several videos, including a music video called, I wish I never met you, directed towards Crissy.

In the music video, Domo featured two lead actors resembling Crissy and her current girlfriend, Jamila Rodgers. Domo portrayed Crissy as a downright cheater, and a liar saying Crissy said Jamila or Mila was just her friend but now all in her “thighs”. She rapped about how she should’ve left Crissy where she met her because Crissy lucked up when she got with her and how she needed to stop acting boujee like she bought the items that she’s flaunting and claims Crissy switched up when she got her own. From Crissy recollection, outside of a few Forever21 handbags and shoes, Domo didn’t provide her with much and even had to pay for her own flights to go see Domo when Domo had moved to LA for a couple of months.

The break up between Domo and Crissy soon went from bad to worse as the allegations from Domo became to spiral out of control when Domo shared with her millions of followers that Crissy didn’t want Domonic and often treated her bad during the her pregnancy. Many of Domo viewers begin to side with her and soon started bullying Crissy, attacking her personally and even making their own reaction videos to the break up of Domo Wilson and Crissy.

After an interview Domo did with Genius, Crissy decided to set the record straight, considering months of silence leaving people to believe Domo claims about Crissy. On an hour and twenty minute video, she opened up from the beginning to end. She begun with how she met Domo while working as a host at Olive Garden in 2015 when she was 18. She said that Domo had cheated on her a couple of times with her ex and Domo had admitted it her. She said that because Domo was honest, she continued to be involved with her and that after 7 months of dating, she quit her job and just spent majority of her time with Domo.

Shortly after their relationship begun, Domo told her that she wanted to have a baby. She said Domo had gone through the process and she didn’t know much about it because she wasn’t really involved. She did mention that Domo had a miscarriage previously before having Domonic and when people were accusing her of lying about it, she supported Domo through the whole time. Contrary to what Domo was insinuating about Crissy, she says she was there for her during her pregnancy with Domonic and in fact, went half on the baby with Domo – from the cost of the fertility treatments to getting up in the middle of the night to care for Dominic after he was born.

She said that although Domo wanted an Indian baby father at first, she ended up having a white donor to look like Crissy, who’s black and white. Crissy said she would cook Domo breakfast, lunch, and dinner and unlike Domo’s version, she said she would buy groceries to make sure Domo ate food rather than just candy. Crissy states that when Domo was shooting music videos she would watch Dominic.

Crissy confessed that even though she felt she suffered with postpartum after Domo gave birth, she loves Dominic and he’s as much hers as he is Domo’s. She said when they had both moved out and into their own place, Domo had asked Crissy to pick up Domonic because she was going to check in a mental hospital due to contemplating suicide and that she was the reason she was going to kill herself.

Crissy shared that her doing this video felt like weight would be lifted off her shoulder and that her side of the story was long overdue. Crissy also touched on other things such as Domo bisexuality and says that Domo had been dressed masculine and opposed the idea that she was the reason Domo dressed the way she had in their relationship. She said she didn’t card how Domo dressed and even let her use her clothes.

Needless to say, Crissy version is definitely the opposite to the one according to Domo Wilson. Hopefully for the sake of their son, that they’ve created together, they’ll be able to heal and grow from everything that has been exposed to the world of YouTube

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