Look For The Sequel To The Hit Television Series, The L Word

Showtime is airing the sequel for the Hit Television Series, The L Word. The L Word Reboot arrives after 6 seasons and on the 15th anniversary of the show. The first all Lesbian Cast Drama series on Television was Showtimes, the L Word. Season 1 of the L World was in January 2004 showcasing the lives of Lesbian living in Los Angeles, California. The L Word was introduced at a time where there were any of at all LGBT Friendly shows.

Although, Will & Grace had a Gay Neighbor or supporting actor or two make an appearance every once in a while, or Arrested Development episodes including Gays coming out, a cast with talented actors with lines that celebrated the inclusion of LGBT was almost non-existent. Until the L Word was picked up for recurring seasons. During that time Queer as Folks and Noah’s Arc was in competition but unfortunately, for Noah’s Arc, they ended the production a year after and Queen as Folks a couple years later.   

The L Word Reboot will bring back the same leading stars and suspense. This time around, the L Word will bring back members of the LGBTQIA and many original cast members and characters, Bette played by Jennifer Beals, and DJ Carmen played by actress Sarah Shahi. Both Jennifer and Sarah will be executive producers on this season. The original co-creator of The L Word, Ilene Chaiken who is married to LouAnne Brickhouse, also makes the list of original members. Together they created the continuing story of the reality-based show, the L word. 

The L Word will be returning for the eight-episode series dropping by the end of 2019 along with some new cast members. Shockingly, Pam Grier, who plays Kat ‘Kit’ Porter, who was a cast on the show from Season 1 to Season 4, plays the half-sister to Jennifer Beals character. Unfortunately, Pam Grier said that she wouldn’t be returning back for the L Word Reboot. She says she is filming for ABC, Bless the Mess, which is a comedy show series. Kit Porter character was the straight half sister to Bette’s character. Her role is in the music industry as a DJ and on the first season was dating a transgender FTM. 

The L Word is the first Television series that content features story-lines of those in the LGBTQIA community, the challenges with legal marriage and equality, relationships and friendships. The long-awaited drama will be in production this summer/fall in West Hollywood. 

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