How We Met In Jail: Lesbian LOVE Story With Redd From ‘Bad Girls Club’

Alyssa “Redd’ Carswell is best known for being the crazy, hot temper ‘loud mouth’ or The Luscious Loudmouth cast member on Oxygen’s Reality Show season 12 and season 13 ‘Bad Girls Club: Chicago’.

5 years later, at age 31 Redd with 2 d’s is back on the screen with a YouTube channel alongside her girlfriend, Lil Bit. On Lil Bit’s Instagram, she jokes about being 4’6 while Redd is 5’0 and weight 460 lbs. On their first video together, Red shares details on how she met her girlfriend in Jail.

She was on probation for a stolen property charge from 2012 and had to regularly get tested for drugs. In 2014, after failing the drug test, due to smoking marijuana, a warrant was issued for her arrest. Shortly after, she surrendered to the Tallahassee, Fl county jail, and was sentenced to approximately 2 years in jail. That is where the love story between her and Lil Bit began.

While on BGC, Redd was uncontrollable bumping heads with other outspoken cast members like Judy, Jayda, and Jonica. Beyond all that drama, Redd will forever be remembered as the BGC member who spit on and took a bite out of none other than, Bad Girls Club original cast, Natalie Nunn arm. Natalie filed a battery charge against Redd for supposedly biting her on her arm and removing flesh during an altercation they had on BCG season 13.

The charge was later thrown out due to a lack of evidence. Aside from that, Redd was the first Bad Girl in history to be kicked out of the house two times. For the finale tapping of BGC Redemption, Natalie was unable to attend and Redd was not allowed to return for the reunion.

On their YouTube channel called The Outsiders, we will get to see a whole new side of Redd while she is in a relationship with her girlfriend, Lil Bit. They pretty much keep it real about their relationship of 6 years and will be having pranks and challenges that Redd describes will be unlike any other challenge on the popular video uploading site.

Watch their first video below and get to know them from the outside. They seem to have a great relationship, real love and down for one another.

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