Top 10 Lesbian YouTube Couples To Watch In 2019

YouTube is like the microscope into everyday lives. At any given time, you can get online to watch the reality of how others live, their hobbies and damn near every aspect of their life. Some of our favorite couples are online and LGBT. There are several lesbian YouTube channels and here are the top 10 Youtube couples to follow and subscribe to in 2019.

Top 10 Lesbian YouTube Channels:

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Happy Sunday 💙

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Jamila and Sequena “Que” 22K Subscribers

This married lesbian couple, have a 5 year age difference and have been together for over 6 years. They share a home together with their dog and started a family. Que, is the stud and got pregnant via IUI. Get a glimpse of Q & Mila flying together, vacationing together, and raising a child. Recently they won Youtube Next up, which is a boot camp for the next generation creators. Jamila has a beautiful wide smile and the love shared between these two are worth watching.

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If u aint got no hatters u ain’t poppin😋💙

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Lele and Gramz 200K Subscriber

 This couple does funny ass skits, chit-chats and Prank. Lele and Gramz’s are in their early 30’s and they love vlogging for the fans. Lele, the fem, likes to talk about hair and lingerie and they have a cooking segment called, Cooking with Tha Yungnz. Grams, the stud, went viral on Youtube when she was falsely arrested at Walmart the day of their anniversary on November 14, 2018. She currently has a case going as she filed charges for being handcuffed and thrown to the ground by the Police. 

BerkleyLovesTori 90K Subscribers

Tori and Berkley first Youtube upload was Tori getting on her knees and proposing to Berkley while ‘Berk’ was playing pictonary. Little did Tori know, Berkley was also going to propose to Tori and ended up proposing to each other the same night. They are an adventurous couple who loves the outdoors and try to spend enough time together before Berkley gets called for military duties as she is an active military member.

The Sullivans 90K Subscribers

Like every other Youtube couple, The Sullivans partake in trendy challenges, battles and a cooking segment called, Cooking with Liana and Chrys. Chrys is a tattoo artist and has a 15 year son she had naturally. She also shares another child with her ex girlfriend, who makes an appearance on their Youtube from time to time and within the last year, they have expanded the family by having a little girl with Chrys wife, Liana.

Rolling with the Benns 40K Subscribers

Ashlee and Whitney Youtube includes doing pranks on each, and vlogging family life which includes going in the desert to shoot shot guns with Whitney’s son, Messiah. Their first youtube channel introduction was one year ago and featured the Benns Lesbian wedding. Since then they have been documenting their In Vitro Fertilization process and one year later, they’ve welcomed a baby girl named Jodeci.

Kayla and Sye 160K Subscribers

This young, beautiful couple started as a long distance relationship and even chronicle their first time meeting each other. Since then, Sye moved in with Kyla and they have started a Youtube channel together. Some of their funniest videos together are the clothing swap challenge, pranks, storytime, and their daily routines. They also vlog going mountain climbing together, doing yoga and Sye loves doing make up and hair tutorial.

Tae and Lou 350K Subscribers

Tae and Lou may have the best seafood mukbangs of all the lesbian YouTube couples. From supersize colossal lobster, green lipped mussel and clams, shrimps seafood boils – they may have tried it all. On their channel, they do a lot of storytelling while having mukbangs. They also try international snacks and both Lou and Tae have cooking skills, which they record and post on their channel.

Crissy and Jamila 700K Subscribers

We all know Crissy, as the 1/2 of Youtube Couple Channel, Domo and Crissy. But after their horrific break-up that left Domo breaking down on her own channel, Crissy moved on rather quickly to her new bae Mila. On her Youtube Channel called, Crissy Uncensored, Crissy says that she and Mila don’t have a YouTube channel together but they might as well being that Mila has been making constant appearances. Not surprisingly, Mila has started her own YouTube channel and has quickly gained over 30K subscribers.

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This is so cute❤️ @chanelrichie @ohmyla_

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Chanel and Ohmyla 300K Subscribers

Ohmyla is a Rapper who hails from London. She came to the state and met Chanel Richie. Together they created, Chanel and Ohmyla TV. Ohmyla likes to hit on topics that revolve around her gender. Many of their viewers question Ohmyla gender and they are not afraid to address whether she is transgender or not. She also drops her official videos on their channel but aside from that, you can see this Vegan couple newly engaged take adventures together and trending challenges like smash or pass or extreme challenges.

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ohh honey 🍯

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Frankie and Tiaa 99K Subscribers

This couple started off on Youtube 4 years ago and have been together since 2010. After 7 years together, Frankie decided to get pregnant and took their subscribers along the journey. Frankie always battled masculinity and motherhood and even collaborated on a project with Ari Fritz called, My Mama wears Timbs. Most importantly, in 2019, Tia is now pregnant and this beautiful couple of two will soon become a family of 4.

If you  have a favorite lesbian couple that you like to watch on Youtube, let us know in the comments below.

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