YouTuber Domo Wilson Dropped Video ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ and Has Crissy Looking Crazy

Finally the anticipated video to Domo Wilson’s single, I wish I never met you, dropped on YouTube today. The main characters are lookalikes that portray, her ex girlfriend, Crissy and her now girlfriend, Mila.

The video illustrates the foulness that Crissy has done to Domo from sneaking FaceTime calls and going out to the movies with other females.  In the video, in which Domo stars as herself, finds out about Crissy’s scandalous ways by going through her phone, and taking screenshots to prove Crissy’s cheating ways.

In the video, Domo is re-enacting the relationship she had with Crissy, her girlfriend of 3 years. In the video it shows Crissy giving her new girlfriend a set of car keys, in bed, and her girlfriend being in disbelief. Meanwhile, at home with Domo, Crissy is taking selfies and seems to be very stand-offish towards Domo.

When Domo changes her wardrobe and goes to show Crissy, Crissy was less than interested and wasn’t feeling it. Domo raps on the song, and says Crissy is showing off her new girlfriend, yet trying to lick her pearl. Domo goes on to say that everyone around her tried to warn her but she was blind and in love.

The video ends with Domo leaving the home with her baby in her hands and her luggage. Watch video below.

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