DRAMA: YouTube Moguls Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle Break Up Turns Sour and Crissy Moves On FAST

Everyone remembers Domo & Crissssssyyyyy as the Lesbians relationship goals for 2018. 24-year-old Recording Artist and YouTuber, Domo Wilson and her then-girlfriend, Crissy who now goes by her first and middle name, Crissy Danielle.

Domo and Crissy first met while Crissy was working at Olive Garden in Indiana in February 2015. Crissy and Domo both shared how Crissy co-workers knew who Domo was except her. When the couple first met, Domo was already making a name for herself as a Youtuber comedian. After 6 months of dating, on September 15, 2015, the couple decided to make it official. Domo even introduced Crissy publicly to her subscribers and eventually even started a Youtube channel together.

Unfortunately, a little after 3 years of being together, an engagement and raising a child together, Domo Wilson, and Crissy Danielle have broken up. They officially did a video on their YouTube channel August 3rd to announce their break up, but Crissy stated they actually broke up July 21st and they both agreed that they have been unhappy for a while now.

At first, the break up seemed like a mutual agreement between the two, with no animosity whatsoever, and having nothing but love for one another, the ex-couple proclaimed. That soon changed, however, after Crissy moved in her own place and moved on rather quickly to some other female; 21-year-old, Jamila around September 29th, 2018.

Within a matter of a few months, Crissy had moved on into what seemed like an exclusive relationship, which caused Domo to go off the radar. Had Crissy already been cheating on Domo with her new girlfriend? Was Crissy faithful at all to Domo?

Shortly after Crissy begin to post Mila all over her social media, Domo dropped a song called “I wish I never met you”. The song is definitely about Crissy, and she reveals Crissy said Mila was just a friend but obviously she wasn’t. She also revealed how Crissy tries to still be intimate with her even though she has a new girlfriend and she refuses her sexual advances.

Listen to the whole song below.

Most recently, Domo went on YouTube and did two tell-all videos that you can watch below about the break up named “I am not OK” and “Everything I didn’t tell you guys about this break up”.  In her “I am not OK” video she had broken down and cried. She admitted having gone seen a therapist due to her being sad and depressed about the break up with Crissy.

Domo said she had lost it when Crissy went to pick up Domonic with hickeys on her neck. To make things even worse, Crissy has gone on to say some mean hurtful things on Twitter about their relationship including posting memes and quotes about how you can be with someone and not love them.

Domo shared that in a private conversation with Crissy, she asked her would she take her back, and Crissy, shockingly to Domo, told her that she doesn’t backtrack. Surprisingly, Crissy even went further and rubbed it in by telling Domo that she was going on vacation with her new boo Mila and that she wouldn’t be able to watch Domonic, their one-year-old son, that Domo gave birth to.

It is speculated that although Crissy told Domo she doesn’t backtrack, rumor has it that Mila is actually Crissy’s ex from Indiana and moved to Arizona to be with Crissy. Of course, she has denied the rumor.

Domo, also revealed that Crissy did not want to be a mother in the beginning, and abandoned her throughout her pregnancy. She goes on to add that Crissy didn’t want to have a baby, and after giving birth, she would neglect baby Domonic. Nonetheless, Domo states that Crissy is a good mother overall but that regardless she has always been OK with the idea of being a single parent.

Both Crissy and Domo have been saying things about each other on their social feeds and Crissy is showing off her new girlfriend on social media now more than ever. She is showing her new girlfriend in her YouTube videos even after assuring everyone that she would never do a YouTube channel with another person she was romantically involved with.

Lawd, this breakup came as a surprise to everyone and has turned super sour having Domo all in her feeling and bitter as a lemon. Hopefully, soon Domo will find someone who will truly care and love her, and not someone just wanting to be with her for fame and money.

Will Domo and Crissy get back together or will Domo get a new girlfriend for 2019 and go back to being relationship goals?

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