Who Is Reality Star Jonathan Fernandez From Love and Hip-Hop NY & K.Michelle: My Life

Love and Hip-hop Cast Member Jonathan Fernandez

Jonathan Fernandez is best known as the Flamboyant, Dominican Make Up Artist to R&B Singer, K.Michelle. Jonathan, who’s 33, has appeared on Love and Hip Hop (New York & Atlanta) with K and on her own spin of reality-show, K. Michelle: My Life.

In addition to working with K, for the last 6 years now, he has worked with other Love & Hip Hop cast members including the executive producer of the show, Mona Scott-Young, Recording Artist Somaya Reece, Emily B, Yandi Smith and Latin Sensation Singer (and newest member to the cast), Anais Martinez. Jonathan has also worked with Rapper, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and Nene Leakes, from Bravo’s Atlanta Housewives.

Prior to K.Michelle, he was traveling the world with Dominican Princess, Anais Martinez. Anais feels that she was the first one to give Jonathan the spotlight and now, acts all “Hollywood”.

During the taping of this season, Jonathan had a sit down with Anais and confronts her about their strain relationship and how Anais revealed to his family and friends that the two had an orgy years ago.

He was super mad and said he didn’t want anyone to know about it and denies having oral sex with her claiming that he would never eat her “ol roast beef sandwich looking p—y.” (Watch Video Below)

Jonathan and Plastic Surgery

Jonathan personally knows the cost of beauty, after having nose surgery and undergoing a procedure called buccal plastic surgery, which is the removal of the fat pad tissue predominantly on cheeks creating a slimmer look to the face and eliminating chubby cheeks.

Like Kim Kardashian, he is a fan of the vampire facial that uses plasma and as a result, causes a bloody face during this cosmetic procedure. Anais, mentions on the show that Jonathan smells like Plastic when he walks by after how much plastic surgery he has had.

New Love Interest: Trent Crews 

On this season, Jonathan introduces his new love interest, R&B singer Trent Crews from Columbus, Ohio. However, due to his music career, Jonathan feels Trent isn’t giving him the attention that he needs from his partner.

Jonathan views on President Trump

Donald Trump becoming the 46th President of the United States was “one [election] that was won from hate”, says Jonathan. He opens up about how his immigrant grandparents coming to the US saved his life. “As a “mad gay” – who doesn’t ‘mask’ – (his gayness) – imagine how hard it would have been living in the DR?”, says Jonathan during an Interview.

“Donald Trump is trying to take rights away from immigrants and the LGBT community. This President represents going backwards using executive orders to regress when we’ve made such progress”.

Jonathan earlier years
At age 8, Jonathan went to the Dominican Republic to live with his father for a year. A year later, his father passed away. His father was gay, too. In his early 20’s, Jonathan acted in several movies and had a makeup line featuring beautyblenders and Glow Powders.
2018, let’s see what else Jonathan has in store.
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