WE TV’s ‘Sisters In Law’ Reality Show Has A Hot Black Lesbian Couple

‘Sisters In Law’ Reality Show Has A Hot Black Lesbian Couple

WE TV has yet landed another hot cast and show, with a hot new powerful lesbian couple. Sisters In Law is about very high powered elite black women living in Houston, Texas, they are hardcore black women “Lawyers” in a white male dominated field. These women are civil attorney’s, public defenders, criminal attorney’s, women defending people that are accused of murder, theft, and burglary. This reality show is powerful and is a great platform for black women in the criminal justice field fighting to help save lives from being sent off to prison for decades, for some even life.

WE TV has the sexy Jolanda, she is a criminal attorney that was brought up in poverty but overcame that and is now a highly respected attorney in Houston, Texas. She can be seen on the show with her stud girlfriend. You can catch her and hot new girlfriend on the show Sisters In Law on WE TV on Thursday nights at 10/9 central time. Follow their personal lives and watch how Jolanda shows off her criminal attorney skills all while juggling her personal life and what the blogs are saying about her lesbian relationship with her girlfriend.

The past recent episode Jolanda stated she was outed by one of the other lawyers “Vivian” about her being with another women. So that means drama and shade all up and through Sisters In Law reality show. Vivian stated she had never seen Jolanda with another women before, but supposedly Jolanda has definitely had relations with another female before in the past. So check out the hot couple on this new hot reality show that shows truth, reality, and Sisters In Law.

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