Top 10 Hot Black Lesbian Web Series That Are Addicting To Watch

10 Black Lesbian Web Series To Check Out

Today there is an abundance of Black lesbian web series that can be found online. If you search lesbian web series on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion, a bundle of series come up. No more having to just watch straight people on reality shows or web series. You can now enjoy the top lesbian and gay web series too.

Furthermore, lesbian web series is like soap opera’s that can seriously become addictive to watch. So, if you have been searching for lesbian web series, check out the top 10 black lesbian web series below. Mostly all of them can be seen on YouTube.

1. The top picked lesbian web series is Between Women. Yassss! This web series is JUICY!  Created and Written by  Michelle A. Daniel at DayJream Studios, LLC. This web series is based on many different lifestyles of lesbians and lesbian relationships in the ATL. They currently have 4 seasons of juiciness to watch. Check it out here.

2. StudvilleTV is of course based around the lives of Studs of all lifestyle and ages from the ATL. Studville shows studs in all different lights. Check out the web series here.

3. NYGTV ( New York Girl TV) NYGTV just hit the scene and came out banging with a hot lesbian web series and they are now in their second season. Created by: Amira Shaunice. NYGTV is of course about the lives of lesbians living in New York City. Check it out here.

4. Lady Luck Films presents “Come Take A Walk With Me” web series. This web series is about a character named Channing who leaves her small town in Virginia to attend college in North Carolina. Her life is about to change! Check it out here.

5. District Heat is a web series about lesbians based out of Washington D.C. This web series shows the gangsta side of studs. If you like love, drugs, sex, and money this web series is for you. Check it out here.

6. Refracted Reflections is about lesbians lives that hit on topics like HIV, transgender, suicide, and stud on stud relationships. This web series is a must to check out. Check it out here.

7. Th3M is about seven women whose interconnected lives are woven into a richly textured tapestry of friendship, sex, love, and everything that happens in between. Check it out here.

8. Ladies, Lust, Love web series is a movement of how women view things in life, deal with love and often get love and lust intertwined which causes problems later in their lives. Check it out here.

9. Lez-B-Honest is a web series about lesbians based out of Florida. Check it out here.

10. Bois is a Houston, Texas-based lesbian web series, written and directed by Brandy Chilo. Check it out here.

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