Caring Pairs Project aim is to stop and prevent bullying and violence among kids and teens in the LGBT communities. The LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender] youth are a higher risk of being bullied.  Research and data show children who are involved in bullying (as victims of bullying, perpetrators of bullying, or both) are more likely than those who are not involved in bullying to be depressed, have high levels of suicidal thoughts, and have attempted suicide. Furthermore, children who bully and who also are bullied by peers (often referred to as “bully-victims”) appear to be at the greatest risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is an unwanted action of aggression from another person usually in kids and plays a huge part in a power imbalance. Bullying among kids and teens is usually repeated and can lead to long terms issues for the person being bullied. Bullying can lead to suicide, mental problems, and drug use.  The good thing is, most kids that get bullied may not often act on suicide, but unfortunately specific groups, like the LGBT are at a higher risk of suicide, along with American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Asian Americans. This risk can even be higher when these specific groups are not supported by their parents, friends, schools and community. Bullying can make situations worse that are already bad. Kids who get bullied can have negative physical and mental issues, depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, lack of sleep and attentiveness. They can have problems in school with academic achievement, and they are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school.
So this is where Caring Pairs Project steps in. Kids and Teens who have a sense of loneliness, sadness, depression needs a friend and someone to talk to and lean on. Statistics shows that kids and teens with at least one peer are more likely not to get bullied.  So Caring Pairs has come up with 3 main components of the program below to keep kids and teens involved in social activities in preventing depression and loneliness and stopping bullying at its core.

The Caring Pairs Project:

1. Caring Pairs Kids Mingle – Once a month social event for kids, teens and parents.  The Kids Mingle event will keep the youth active in social activities and meeting new peers. A workshop will also be held to teach parents how to handle and/or recognize bullying. Kids developing social skills at an early age is vital to their development. Being social and building friendships is just as important in building self-confidence, and trust in others. This can have a long term positive affect on their lives.

Kids Mingle’s demonstrates personable social skills by inviting a non-gadget social setting for kids and teens who are around the same age range and share a similar interest. Introduction activities like two truth’s and a lie are played to alleviate reservations and as ice breakers. Other engaging activities and games will also be practice.

2. Caring Pair Online Social Community – Online Caring Pair Social Platform community that will connect kids and teens from all over the world to encourage social support.
3. Caring Pairs Pen Pal – Promoting long-term positive friendship via letter, email, or chat communication channels.

* Create a  monitored online community for kids being bullied.
Hold monthly lectures and seminars on statistics of bullying and how to get the communities involved to stop bullying.
Help implement anti-bullying policies in all schools across the U.S.
* Provide training sessions for adults on best techniques for bullying prevention and interventions.
* Teach parents how to monitor their kid’s internet activities and mobile devices.

Your sponsorship will help the Caring Pairs Project grow into a successful mission. Again our mission is to implement anti-bullying programs in schools and teach and raise awareness about bullying. Caring Pairs will also teach parents, communities, schools, about how to prevent bullying and how to recognize someone being bullied and how to stop it.  The more the people around us have knowledge and awareness about bullying and how to prevent it, the quicker we can STOP IT! We must stand as a community for our LGBT kids and teens and protect them in any way we can. By providing statistics about bullying, depression, and suicide among our LGBT youth in cities around the U.S, we hope to wake people to join the fight against all forms of bullying.