Zell Swag  or Rodney Lazell Shaw Jr was the newest cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 and is the cousin to original cast member, Singer Tierra Mari. Zell Swag is, also, a celebrity stylist who has worked with Keyshia Cole, Remy Ma, Papoose, Wyclef Jean and French Montana. Although he is new to filming and letting the world into his personal life, Zell Swag, isn’t new to Reality TV.

His past experience involves styling on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In 2016, Complex Magazine recognized Young Thug as one of the best dressed that year and credits went to yours truely, #styledbyZell, MR. Zell Swag himself. While tapping for Meet the Cast, Zell touched on his sexuality, stating that when it comes to this question, “It’s not an easy thing”. He goes on to say he prefers, “not Gay, just Swag”. He disclosed that sexuality makes him feel guilty and overall, he’s confused on what he wants.

Zell further reveals that he has lived a full straight life having a girlfriend and getting girls pregnant. He said he likes the other side just never really experienced it. On the first episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4, while chatting with cast member, Moneice and her girlfriend, AD Diggs, he has said before that he’s not really experienced with the same sex but on this episode, he spills, “If there is a hot dog there, I’m going to munch on it”. You can decide what he means by munching on a hot dog!

While on Love & Hip: Hollywood Zell told past cast member, Christopher Milan, that he would tell him to suck his d?ck but he did that already. Pretty much, Zell sums it up with he likes whatever he likes. He says, “I’m greedy and here for everybody”. Not sure if he is going to be on the next season of Love and Hiphop Hollywood due to attacking Misster Ray at the reunion, but his big attitude and big personality will sure be missed by many.

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