Exactly where does the Synonyms L.G.B.T come from? I mean we call ourselves Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender for a reason but where did those terms derive from? Do you know? Must members of the LGBT community don’t have a clue. So below is the history of the L.G.B.T synonyms.

  1. Lesbian– Did you know the word Lesbian derives from Lesbos island of Greek? The story is a Greek poetess name Sappho who was born and raised on Lesbos island often wrote poems about having romantic and sexual relationships with other women on Lesbos island. So the word Lesbian was named in memory of Sappho freaky ass.
  2. Gay– The word Gay has some history to it. First, the word Gay was defined as being happy around the 12th century. It then changed around the 19th century. Later it became known as men having sex with men.
  3. Bisexual -was coined by Sigmund Freud. He did research on homosexuality and came to the theory with his research that most humans were bisexual.
  4. Transgender– Transgender was just recently coined in the 1970’s.

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