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For the most part of my life, I grew up in a religious household. Majority of my family are Christians, so I regularly attended church services and often read the bible. In the King James Bible Leviticus 18:22 the verse reads that a man lying with a man is an abomination.

If homosexuality is such a sinful act, what about Christians that are buying the most expensive designer labels on the shelf that were founded and produced by gay men? I’m specifically talking about black preachers and Christian churchgoers that go to the house of the lord dressed to impress.

The huge problem I have with this double standard is that if being with the same sex is so wrong, then why in the world would a Christian be buying gay men clothing? You are straight rocking the same sex loving man clothing brand. Financially supporting and putting money in pockets of those who engage in same-sex relationships, but talking sh!t about them. Hypocrites, in the full degree.

In case you weren’t aware, the most top expensive brands in the world like Gucci, Versacci, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent or YSL – all fashion created by gay men. Homophobic people love rocking popular brands like Micheal Kors accessories of handbags and belts; shoes and clothing for men and women, yet are they aware that this popular brand is owned, also, by a gay married man?


You have mega-churches with pastors rocking expensive designers clothing created by the same group of people that they preach against. Do Christians beliefs just goes completely out the door just to fit in the mainstream by wearing top name brands? Sure sounds like it. Not to mention, it sounds very mammon. Matthew 6:24: the scripture reads, “Ye can not serve God and Mammon”. People beliefs go right out the door for material gain and possessions.

As long as you don’t say the brand is by a “Gay” man, it’s OK to floss. If being gay is bad then everything that comes along with it is too. It seems like it’s a lot of hypocriticalness in the world today. Everybody has an opinion about everything but everyone really needs to just look at themselves. Lastly, If you are a Christian you can’t be rocking fashion by gay men but consider gays obscene.

Some of the worlds greatest fashion icons are Gays. Next time you wear fashion, wear it and live with it.

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