Offset Gets Fire Under is Ass for “Queer” Lyrics

Migos from Offset is getting some heat over recent lyrics used in YFN Lucci – “Boss Life” ft. Offset. Offset went to Instagram to clarify the lyrics used after receiving some backlash. Many were calling him, Homophobic based on his lyrics using the word, ‘Queers’. Offset decided to go on his personal IG with a screenshot of the definition of the word.

Queer means ‘strange or odd’ and he stated that this word had nothing to do with the LGBT Community. Instead, he was looking for a word to rhyme with the other lyrics while working on the song. The lyrics go, “I can’t vibe with queers, I got a heart of a bear”.

Offset went on to say that he wasn’t even speaking on sexuality and the definition who ‘Queer’ has nothing to do with that (the LGBT community). He goes on to say that people are trying to make it about gays when he works with them at events, fashion shows, tv shows, etc.

Furthermore, he went on to say that he’s not against nobody choice in life. He stated he doesn’t judge people because he has been in front of the real judge.

The social movement behind this word, ‘Queer’ and the LGBT came up in the late 80’s for a way to describe those in society who were not considered the ‘norm’.

Needless to say, this word shouldn’t be seen as a negative term associated with the LGBT. Yes, it has been used as a derogatory word by bigots. But if anything, we should keep in mind that the LGBT may very well be out of the normality and for that, some may still see it as a little strange. Let’s hope, this is where Offset was coming from.


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