How to stop The Violence on Transgender People

The statistics of transgender murders are growing at an alarming rate. More than 88% of transgenders that are murdered are transgender women and mainly, Black and Brown Women of Color. The Human Rights Campaign reported that since 2013, there has been over 102 transgender homicides and many cases still remain unsolved, and the killer of the crime never identified.
So far this year there has been 26 trans murders in Baltimore, Maryland, Macon, Georgia, Cleveland, Ohio, Oklahoma, and New Orleans just to name a few places. Sadly, many transgender investigations also go forgotten, and too often transgender homicides reports are not accurate due to police mis-identifying those who identify as transgender.
We must stop this epidemic of violence against transgender women and men today.  Below are 7 ways to start protecting yourself if you are transgender.

7 Ways To Stop Transgender Murders
Come clean in the beginning. The day you meet someone who you are attracted to, do not hold back who you are, especially your true gender if you are a transwomen or man. If someone doesn’t like you for you, tell them to kick rocks. I can guarantee you will find someone who will love you for you. By not telling a significant other about your true gender can cause animosity, and anger which leads to violence, which can ultimately lead to murder. Tell, Tell, Tell. Reveal.
2. Family and Friends
If you have waited months or even years to tell your true gender to your significant other, when you do decide to tell your true gender, have friends and family around. Having support like your family and friends around can defuse a serious situation. Ask your family and friends to be a mediator between you and your significant other.
3. Go Out In Groups
If you are planning to go out to a party or club, go out with a group of friends of 2 or more if possible. Bullies are less likely to mess with someone when they have a entourage.
4. Protection
You may not always be able to travel with an entourage, so protection is your next option. Always carry a form of protection like stun guns, tasers, mace, knives, etc. I’m not an advocate for weapons or guns but I am an advocate for protecting and defending yourself “by any means necessary”. Protection is a must. Protect yourself.
5. Self Defense Classes
Sign up for Self defense classes in your local area. Self defense classes can help you defend yourself against bullies.
6. Disclose Whereabouts 
Always disclose to a family or friend where you are going especially if it’s not a safe location. Just in case of an emergency someone can come to your rescue immediately.
7. Date On Trans Dating Sites
If you are not comfortable identifying or revealing your gender, let an online profile take care of that for you! Go on site where others are looking to date you exactly how you are. There are many dating sites exclusively for the transgender community. Dating on trans dating sites like It is much safer, and secure to date on trans dating sites because people are actually looking to date a transwomen or man. Always be safe.
8. Educate Others
Educate people on trans and LGBTQ lives. Statistics show that youth in the LGBTQ community are more at risk of being bullied. Become an advocate for trans people all over the world and save trans lives.

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