There are so many terms for lesbians such as a stud, butch lesbian, lipstick lesbian, dyke, fem, soft butch, soft stud, tomboy and on and on. But what exactly is a butch lesbian out of all these diversified lesbian terms? Basically, a butch lesbian is a female that may betray as a man. Butches tend to act more masculine than a stud who may still show some feminine quality’s but also show masculine qualities as well.  Butches tend NOT to show many feminine qualities but of course sometimes still being a female you sort of can’t help still showing some feminine qualities, but with most Butches you may think they are men or just really masculine females.

A Butch lesbian mostly is attracted to feminine women but there is butch on butch love. Love is endless. A butch may work a masculine or man’s job, unlike some feminine women. Butch lesbians are often mistaken by men in the general public, due to their short haircut and men’s attire but none the less they are females. But in reality, you really can’t put anyone a box because we are different in our own way. Butch lesbians are no different than any other female when they remove those garments from their female bodies. A butch lesbian can also be very affectionate, loving and sweet.

In conclusion, a butch lesbian is still a female at the end of the day, but a Butch will protect her lady at all times and that is why feminine women love butches, they feel protected. A butch lesbian makes sure her lady is taken care of sexually, and mentally, but in reality, we just can’t put butch lesbians in one box because they all show their love differently.

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