One on One with Faurice Harley from  Studville TV Lesbian Web-series 

“I kept waking up, debating – should I go, not go. In my mind, I said, you might as well go, your hair grew back”. 

After recovering from hair loss caused by months of chemotherapy, breast cancer survivor, Faurice Harley aka Anise on Studville TV gets ready for a 10 AM casting call. Faurice’s hair grew back and it inspired her to audition for Studville TV, a hot, new edition to lesbian web-series. Get an insight look to overcoming life obstacles with Faurice Harley.
 Getting the news she was chosen as a cast member for Studville TV web-series:
It was actually like an accident, I guess or faith or something…”. “I went to the casting call, read through it. I had on a button down with my shoes I call, the Charlie Brown, private school shoes. I didn’t think I would get the part due to a “Stereotype of the urban stud”. I worked nights and woke up to a message. I was shocked and excited to get the phone call. I have never been in front of the camera. I have always worked with different networks doing television background; oversight, editing, behind the camera things”.
Any similarities between you and the character you play on the show?
“Overall she likes making her girlfriend happy. I like peace in the household and recognizing what it means to be head of the household.
Any drama on the show?
“Well, there has been some romance so – not with me – but other things where there’s romance and not. So, those things have happened. And, you know, we signed contracts and it was like, in the contact you can’t do that. What’s funny though is, during the contact somewhere within shooting we kind of find out. The first season it happened and then in the second season somebody else, they just boot that out the contract”.
 Past cast members not returning to this Season of Studville TV:
“That’s not why Toni Fields is not on the show, that is an honest question. She is actually in the process of really becoming a fireman. Getting that rolling. She is doing other projects. In fact, she and I have been collaborating to try to do other things. She will be back. In the last couple of years, we have all changed. What I can say about Toni is she changed”.

Favorite Scene or Episode:
“The one that deals with Riley, her girlfriend, and the little boy in the marriage scene. We shot that before marriage became legal. What’s important in that is to really recognize what your deeper boundaries are and are not in reference to marriage and marriage rights. There are some things that different states recognize that others state don’t. When someone gets married to see exactly what it is they are able to do and not to do and how it will affect their lives…
 Studs NOT getting tested for Breast Cancer:
“I think it’s economical and a lack of knowledge about it”.
 Finding out she was diagnosed with breast cancer:
“I found out on a Thursday but on a Tuesday the doctor called, I didn’t answer, on Wednesday he called back. That’s the worse. The other part of getting tested is early detection. My survival and my health, I was in really good shape physically and could have been how I responded to everything. So, studs go get tested”. Everyone that I knew who had breast cancer was under 30. My friend who unfortunately passed away, she did a self-test.
She wasn’t here in Atlanta and went to visit a local free clinic and they told her she wasn’t old enough. If you feel something, you tell them you feel something and demand they do the test”.
On uplifting other cancer patients:
“Take it one step at a time. Best to know, worst case scenario and best case scenario. After getting chemo, you get tired but it doesn’t kick in until a couple of days later”.
Favorite web series:
“To answer your question! I support Between Women”.
Tv Series, Cocktails, Congo’s and Cuisine:
The creator of that is Annette Bennett. That came from the idea of having conversations, get-togethers, you know kickbacks in the East Coast is what they call it. She thought particular topics, with people from different backgrounds, from an executive to someone on a grind working at the waffles house. Currently in the process of starting my own TV network. In production is, The After After, it’s a mystery about a gay boy who’s parent found out about him being gay… He ends up committing suicide. If someone parents are not supportive of their children there are ways in which this can be handled.
Advice for other upcoming directors
“What I learned from Sheri, the director of Studville TV, is respect in going to go do it. Do a little bit extra to find your resources and ask. When Sheri Johnson came to introduce us to the project, she had on her Charlie Brown shoes, too. I was like, OK! She brought out an entrepreneur in me, I didn’t know I had.

Facts about Faurice Harley

  1. Single/Married/Relationship Status? “In a relationship with a nice and supportive significant other”.
  2. Music currently on rotation? “I like Ashley Snow who is between Sade and India Arie”.
  3. Life Motto | “If there is no smile, create a smile. Life is a smile” – Motto
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