7 Black Celebrities That Refuse To Say I’m Gay

For years, rumors have been flaring that some celebrities in Hollywood are gay, down low or have undercover same sex lovers. Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres or Angelina Jolie, an open bisexual, have no problem being out and proud, but for others, especially those in the black community, it isn’t so easy coming out and some celebrities just refuse to admit their sexuality despite years of  being accused of having same sex relationships.

You know how rumors go around but you never find out about their love life until after their death when a memoir is released revealing everything about their sex life? Or not ever knowing if the rumor is true because the accused celebrity keeps denying the gay rumors or accusations that they are gay or lesbian.

For decades, these 7 celebrities below have been either seen in intimate locations with a rumored lover, have been caught red handed with someone of the same sex or just can’t deny they are gay. Keep reading below to see the 6 celebrities who made this list of, “You know I’m GAY but I say I AIN’T”.

You know I’m GAY but I say I AIN’T

Queen Latifah – After 20 years of not “really” being seen romantically with
any male figures in public, it’s safe to assume that this Queen is either bi-sexual or a full blown lesbian. We can assume Queen Latifah cannot be really bi-sexual because Queen Latifah has been seen with a beautiful woman by her side, always accompanying her on trips to some of the best luxury vacation spots. There is also pictures of Queen Latifah’s girlfriend grabbing her butt on a romantic trip on a yacht. Either way the Queen got her a Queen to.

Tyler Perry – Tyler Perry is our favorite comedic movie writer and creator. He started with Madea as a underground play, and  blew up from there. There has been rumors since Tyler Perry hit the Hollywood scene that he was gay especially after playing a drag queen (Madea) in his movies and plays. Watch the video below of a ex-friend of Tyler Perry who outs Tyler Perry as gay and says he has always has been a gay man.

Missy Elliott– Missy Elliott hit the scene with Timberland and Magoo in the 90’s
with her hit song “I can’t stand the Rain”. Instantly rumors start spreading that she was gay because of her tomboyish ways. There was rumors that she was dating her lead dancer but it never got confirmed. MediaTakeOut states that Missy Elliott actually secretly married Sharaya J. back in 2013. Supposedly they had been dating for 5 years before they allegedly got married.

MC Lyte – Raptress Pioneer of Hip-Hop Lana Moorer known as MC Lyte is now Mrs. MC Lyte Lych.  Yep, MC Lyte just got married to a MAN earlier this year. She married John Wyche a marine veteran in Jamaica. For decades people thought MC Lyte was a straight up butch lesbian but one thing is for sure she had to dip and dabble with females in her past. I still think MC Lyte got a little or a lot of lesbian in her. No matter if she married a man or not. I’m just saying.

Oprah–  I love me some Oprah but damn is Oprah and Gayle going to ever come out as lovers? Rumors have been flying around that they are lovers even though Oprah supposedly had a romantic relationship with Stedman whom never married Oprah. Who in Gods name would not marry Oprah’s rich ass!? Gayle was married from the 80’s to 1993 but never remarried. I mean if Oprah came out as gay with Gayle as her lover, I wouldn’t even be mad. They would make a cute couple.

Bobby Valentino– Bobby Valentino hit the scene with the R&B group Mista with their smash hit ‘Blackberry Molasses’ but every since he left the group and went solo, rumors have been soaring about Bobby V and transgender women. Just recently Bobby V was caught on camera and outed by a transgender escort women because Bobby didn’t pay for her services. We can now confirm that he likes to Dib and dabble with transgenders but on the down low.


Da Brat– Damn, is the Da Brat gay or not?? Shawntae Harries came out with So So Def with her hit song ‘Funkdafied’ in the 90’s. Everybody instantly just knew she was gay. No questions asked. Da Brat wore braids with saggy pants and big clothes and we would call her a “stud” in the lesbian community, but soon people started to ask questions about the Da Brat’s sexuality. One thing about the Da Brat is she never really has come out publicly with a women. She did state the girls in prison put on tight pants and got extra pretty, putting on extra make-up trying to look good for her, but she has NEVER publicly stated she was a lesbian.

Back in the 90’s she dated basketball star Allen Iverson publicly. It was rumored she was dating Keisha Spivey of the 90’s R&B group Total. Keisha Spivey married Omar Epps back in 2006. Recently Da Brat was known to date David Gest who just died.  On the Rickey Smiley Dish Atlanta radio show Da Brat speaks of Kirk Frost giving her 100 $20 bills with his number on it and buying her a car to date her. Maybe we can just conclude that the Da Brat is bi-sexual. I don’t know, but one thing is for sure she could have any female in these streetz.

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