Hazel E just can’t keep her butt out of drama. She literally got drama with everyone on LHHH, but recently her and her boyfriend Rose Burgandy where caught up in another twitter war with comedian Jess Hilarious. Hazel E said some very hurtful words to Jess Hilarious. She said she tired of all these monkey looking dark butts coming for her pretty ass. Hazel E also goes in and calls Jess Hilarious son gay and also says all gays should burn in hell just like the Bible says. OH boy, did Jess Hilarious go all the way in on Hazel E and after those comments.

Jess Hilarious on Instagram post that Hazel E Boyfriend Rose or as Jess Hilarious called Rose Burgandy (Rosa) was gay. Furthermore, while Hazel E was going in on gay people and dark skin women. Rose Burgandy’s ex who by the way is a man, put Rose on blast by putting up old text on the gram about their sexual relationship in the past. Oh lawd, looks like he is just using Hazel E as a come up, so he and his boyfriend can live happily ever after! Check out video below of the Hazel E, Rose Burgundy and Jess Hilarious beef.

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