Mac Carter began her acting career at 23 with Lesbian Webseries, District Heat located out of the District of Columbia. Now, 27 years old, this Taurus, born May 14th, is still rocking with District Heat and plays the character of Syn.

Syn is somewhat of a Ladies Woman and unlike the character she plays, Mac doesn’t fall in love with every female that she’s with. Although her newfound fame has made it difficult to disassociate her real self from her character, Mac is single and looking to find that special person that won’t focus on her character but instead get to know the real her, Mac Carter.

Read the full interview below, as we get in-depth with Mac about her life, off the camera and on. Find out where Mac is originally from, what she went to school for initially, what upcoming project she is currently working on and how her close friend plays a part with the scar on her face.
You play Syn on District Heat. How did you get started playing the role Syn?
“They put out something about a casting call, audition for a web series. I never acted before but I went to the Art Institution for Audio and Video production. One of the girls that was a videographer for District Heat was going to the Art Institute as well. So, you know, I was like let me try something different.
So, I went to the audition and I was the only one that memorized the script. They had emailed us the script, I memorized everything, I came in there and I did it and they choose me for the part. But that was when it first started, we had nothing, no fans, no nothing. We started from the bottom and that joint just became a hit”.
Are you similar to the role you play, Syn on District Heat?
“When it comes to the females, Syn character is more like the lover boy, you feel me? Wants to really figure out what’s going on with these women or do anything, but just keeps getting her heart broken, keeps getting played. I’m nothing like that, I will be like fuck it in a heart beat. My character is really sensitive. I had to do some crying, a lot of sad scenes. Definitely, something different”.
Two things you don’t like about your character Syn?
I don’t like being vulnerable like my character is. My character just be looking like a pussy sometimes.
Favorite Scene or Episode on District Heat?
That’s a good question. The Scene where we were at a little dinner, Chris was doing something and Chris actually wanted to propose to Tasha but then me and Tasha made the announcement that we were dating. So, then, Tinka ended up slapping Tasha. That was actually my favorite scene. Filming it was hilarious. Had to film that joint like a hundred times.
Any drama on set between the cast members?
“Oh, hell yeah. Think about it anytime you get lesbians together that sets the drama in itself right there. The thing about it is, we had drama but as you can see we still have the same cast from day one. We stick together and we get through it. We had a meeting one time, where we actually had to have two of the cast members just fight it out. They just fought it out. It was that heated. They were like if you going to do it, do it in the privacy of us. Don’t do it on the streets or at a club because that is a reflection on everybody. We definitely dealt with some drama”.
“I want to say [what made it so heated] was that they were messing with the same female outside the show. She wasn’t a female on the show. They were messing with the same female, found out they were messing with the same female and so then they started drama and it was just bringing extra animosity on set. We had a meeting about it and they ended up rumbling in the meeting but after that, they talked about it, shook hands on it and I guess everything was straight. I guess that was the best way to go about it”.
Other projects:
Doing a show right now called The Shenanigans. The S.H.E in Shenanigans stands for “Shit Happens Everyday”. It’s kind of like a sitcom, so the episodes are going to be like 15-20 minute episodes and its suppose to be like a funny type of sitcom but also brings the drama. That was something different for me too.

The character I’m playing in this one is funny and I get to bring out more of my humorous side. So working on that right now. We have been filming for a couple of months now so hopefully that joint is ready to air in like Sept of this year. “I got a funny side but I am also very sneaky”. The Shenanigans is about making it happen, but you just got to sit and watch it unfold.
Favorite web-series:
Studville TV, I love that show. Another one I really love is love and Lesbians of New York.
Originally from DC?
“I’m actually originally from Georgia. 2 hours outside Atlanta in a little country town called, Auburn. Moved to DC at age 16 and been down here ever since”.
Playing in a sex scene on District Heat:
“We had a meeting, a cast meeting and the director was like you know it’s always the fems getting naked, showing their bodies and she was like, you know was there any studs that were willing to do that and nobody, none of the studs were willing to do that.
So, I was like fuck it let me dare to be different and I ain’t even one of the most fit ones but I’m like I know she really wanted to do that. So, and a lot of these web series you notice none of the studs really do get ass naked like they want to keep their bra on or whatever the case may be. To be for real, for real when it comes to like to really make it real, you don’t be having on all those clothes on, so I was like fuck it.”
Filming it man was nerve wrecking like we had to take some shots, you know, we had to turn some music on, to get my mind in it. It was like, yo what the fuck? And then you gotta think about it, you got these people filming. It was mad awkward but I made it work as much as possible.
Music She Likes:
“I like R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop. I just got into Soca music. It’s kind of like reggae but it has more of a Caribbean feel, African feel to it. So, I just got into that. Trying to do something with like a Soca feel to it but still got a Hip Hop beat. Brothen my horizons a little bit”.
Favorite Artist:
Migos and Jhene Aiko. “I love her. She has a beautiful voice”.
Since being on District Heat, do people come up to you? 
“Most of the time its just selfies, selfies, selfies. But all the time, it more so happens to me when I go out of town. But all the time, like, I’ll be in the grocery store, somebody is like, weren’t you on District Heat? And I’m like that’s crazy. I, honestly, never expected that to happen. Im just a regular person. I work a 9-5. I’m still struggling to get to where I need to go so for people to actually notice me when im in public thats dope. That’s something serious”.
Open doors since being on District Heat:
I do a lot of networking because I also host parties, MC parties. I love doing that so with district heat that opened up a lot of doors for me to host parties. But I was trying to host parties separate from District Heat like I didn’t want them to put on flyer Mac from District Heat. I wanted to kind of built my own brand with the Hosting so that did open up a lot of doors for me with that. I got a couple of gigs out of town. I had a gig in New York that I did, Philly I did. It opened up a lot of doors, meeting people networking and things like that.
Also, with the ladies, and it’s crazy because you would think that with this, I would get mad females. But yet, it’s like as soon as you start to have a conversation with them, they like, oh, you probably got mad females because of you being on District Heat. So they not really giving me a full opportunity, so that shit be the blow sometimes. I don’t really want to talk about district heat like, get to know me, Megan, that’s my real name, get to know Megan. Don’t just focus on that. That’s the downfall but the positive of it is I get a lot more gigs and things like that so that’s a good thing too.
Up close and personal:
I was at a get together one night in the A. A couple of friends at my homegirl birthday party at a little kick back. my homegirl who party it was, this is one of my friends, my tight friend, we been friends for years and her girlfriend was there. So, there was another stud that lived across the hall from my close friend and she came over to the party and the girl from across the hall and my close friend’s girlfriend they end up getting into it about something.

I don’t remember what it was, I had ended up passing out on the couch. So, I woke up and I left out the house. When I got in the car I realized I didn’t have my phone so I go back up to the apartment, I knock on the door, and I guess that they thought it was the girl from across the hall who was knocking on the door so she just literally open the door and just swung a butcher knife. I didn’t even feel the cut, I walked in the house like, “is my phone in here”.
They were like, yo, your eye bleeding and I looked down at my shirt had all this blood on my shirt. My friend was like, “oh my god I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. Thought you were the girl from across the hall”. It was really just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
My friend that actually cut me, my close friend, she moved cos she was in the military i think she like stationed in Japan. But she was really apologetic, I know she felt bad about it.
When Can We Catch District Heat Season 3:
We taking a break right now because it was a lot of stuff going on with season 2, lost some crew members, a lot of behind the scene stuff. So, taking a break right now to build up a new crew. Anybody involved with anything dealing with video, they can hit us up. We definitely need people. We plan to start back filming in August, definitely coming back with a season 3 no doubt about it.
Final Words:
Anything you would like to say to your fans?
I wanna say I definitely appreciate people that been rocking with us we started District Heat back in 2013 nd its now 2017 and people still love us. I know they get frustrated because at the end of the day episodes don’t get put out when they suppose to get put out and things like that but what people fail to realize we not on TV.
We not getting paid for this we do this because this is what we love to do everything we do comes out of our pocket places we shoot at we pay for those places we do everything on our own and it takes a lot. so I just appreciate everyone sticking with us. People just tuning it, thank you for riding with us.

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