If you haven’t heard by now, some ratchet ass mom went off on Rasheeda from Love and Hip-hop Atlanta exposing Rasheeda’s 16-year-old son Ky Frost of being gay and the friendship he had with her son was more than that. Earlier this year by the Daily News it was exposed that Rasheeda’s son, Ky Frost had a secret sexual relationship with an older man who leaked pictures and videos of him.

Now, more news has surfaced about Ky. LaTasha, the mother who called Rasheeda at her retail store Pressed on Father’s Day, told Rasheeda that their sons had something going on after she went through his phone, and read some messages between the two.

She threatened to kick Rasheeda’s ass. She stated, “I could have pulled up and whooped yo ass”. Latasha’s son Jacoby must be super embarrassed about his mom exposing him on social media about his sexual orientation. Your own momma putting out your private business to the world is some ratchet shit.

Rasheeda was correct, they are both mothers and Latasha went about the situation about their sons the wrong way.Watch the video below to hear an audio recording of Latasha and Rasheeda on their son’s relationship.

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