Between Women Lesbian Web Series Hits On Organ Harvesting

Between Women, produced and written by Michelle A. Daniel, has been a favorite top black lesbian web series for many.  The first episode premiered in 2011. They have an amazing cast and breath taking episodes you just can’t enough of. Contrast to other lesbian web series, Between Women tackled from the very first season, domestic abuse in lesbian relationships, studs with kids, transgenderism, racism, and other topics that affect the LGBT community. Between Women has always delivered interesting storylines but most recently, one episode really stood out and that was Episode 5, Season 4. This episode truly hits home, raising awareness on racism, and getting a glimpse look inside an interracial couple combating racism in their  own relationship.

Also, bringing to light was the disheartening murder of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson from Savannah, Georgia. Kendrick was brutally murdered in his Highschool and found wrapped up in a gym wrestling mat on January 10, 2013. Mysteriously, after Johnson’s death when his bodies was transferred to the funeral home from the coroner’s office, all of Kendricks internal organs were removed from his body including his heart, brain, kidney, and lungs. Still, till this day the murderer of Kendrick Johnson has not been found.  There is a theory that the Bell Brothers sons of an FBI agent murdered Kendrick but they were never charged. There have been many African American males that have been found dead with missing eyes, brains, hearts, kidneys and lungs for the gruesome black market of internal organs. Disturbingly, Kendrick isn’t the only victim who had organs missing when found dead.

Ryan Singleton, a 24-year-old gay male model, who left Georgia in early July 2013 to pursue a career modeling in California, also suffered a similar death. Just 2 months later, in September, his body was recovered in Death Valley, California, with no internal organs. Ryan’s body was found with no eyes attached, no heart, no lungs, and without kidneys. Gruesomely, it doesn’t stop there. A 14-year-old boy by the name of Jason Smith was found dead in a Louisiana lake in 2011. When the police recouped his body from the water, it was discovered that he had been raped, beaten and internal organs were also removed. The case was ruled an accidental drowning, although Lifestyle magazine, Essence, reports that locals believe this was an act done by members of the KKK.

Rumor has it that vital organs come with a hefty price that only the wealthy can afford to pay. This illegal and often called, “Shadow Economy” or “Black Market” is widely heard of in third world countries. However, bodies identified with missing organs are far too common in America leaving many speculating that America may also be involved in this trade of human parts. Is the rumor that the rich and prestige elites are paying top dollars for fresh young organs true? All over the globe in China, Thailand, Somalia and in the U.S.A., massive children go missing. Many children at a very young age are kidnapped and murdered for their prize possessions; their youthful organs. They are being used as business deals and it’s all being covered up in the namesake of accidental drownings or ruled as accidental, even, in unjustifiable cases where organs have been removed.

Between Women really took on a different approach bringing to viewers a well-informed and well-thought-out storyline that brought a realization to a subject that majority of us don’t realize exist and to a matter we should be examining more in-depth, murdering for internal organs. Between Women Web series courageous approach at shedding the light on subjects not often discussed on lesbian web series only further proves why people love, follow and support BetweenWomenTV.

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