Murders of Transgender Women Has Always Been A Problem

  Marsha P. Johnson was was born in Elizabeth New Jersey in 1945. During that time there was a huge need for gay rights especially in the transgender community.  Marsha and Sylvia Rivera started S.T.A.R – Street Transvestites Revolutionaries. “Homes for the homeless and rights for the gays” Sylvia yelled.  Both Marsha and Sylvia where activist for gay rights. Sadly in July 6th, 1992 Marsha P. Johnson was found dead floating in the Hudson River.

While her case was closed and deemed a suicide, many in the LGBT community truly believe she was murdered.  20 years later her closed case was reopened because friends of Marsha P. Johnson wanted justice for her back in 1992, but injustice is what she got but never forgotten. Just recently their was a documentary released on Netflix about activist Marsha P. Johnson.

The gay rights movements is still a fight till this very day. Just last year in 2016, 26 transgender women were murdered. So far this year 20 transgender women have been killed. Below are to name a few.

Mesha Caldwell, a 40-year-old transgender woman in Mississippi and the first black transgender women reported being murdered in 2017.
2. 22 year old, Chrissy Polis who went into a seizure while being attacked in a hate crime in New York.
3. Jaqurris Holland, 18, often referring to herself as ‘pretty brown’, from Monroe, LA was also shot in the head and found dead. Due to also being mis gendered, days had gone by before anyone of her family and friends knew about her death.
4. Ciara Mceleven, 27 also a Louisiana, New Orleans, body was found brutality attacked and stabbed to death, just three days after being released from serving an aggravated battery and second-degree battery.
The safety of the Transgender community became even more alarming three days later during Mardi Gras weekend when Chyna Gibson was fatally wounded after being shot 10 times. She was beautiful; makeup beat, hair always on fleek. Known as Chyna Doll Dupree, she was the young, thriving drag performer who was well known in the LGBTQIA Community in her hometown of Louisiana, but also as a socialite with many of followers and friends who loved her for her contagious smile and loving personality.
Statistics show that for the last two years in a row, transgender murders reached an all time high. Transgender killings have not only been seen on local US news but transgender homicides have also been seen internationally recently. In the past, there have even been cases among high-profile celebrities that have been caught with transgender women and who have also been killed mysteriously.
Are the murders of transgenders hate crimes? Last year there were 23 transgendermurders in the U.S. This year so far, the youngest transgender reported to be murdered is 17 years old Ava Le’Ray Barrin from Athens, GA. The majority of transgenders murdered thus far this year have been Black and Latino transgender women.

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