So, if you didn’t catch the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, the newest member of the Crew is Kevin Leroy. Kevin was introduced by Melody who hired him as a new tattoo artist at Black Ink. Kevin came in with his gold teeth, stylish and charming ways and swept Young Bae right off her feet.  Young Bae is also one of the newest tattoo artists at Black Ink but unfortunately, Young Bae soon finds out Kevin prefers males over females and that he is bi-sexual.

On season 5 episode 15 Young Bae and Kevin are hanging out at a nightclub and Donna comes in with her date L.A,  a tattoo artist from 125th. L.A comes in showing off his split tongue or lizard tongue and advises Kevin he can find out what his tongue can do and they leave the nightclub locking arms.

Young Bae was super disappointed she got left for another dude. She asked Kevin flat out the next day at Black Ink, does he like boys? He said yes, he likes everybody. Kevin immediately apologized to Young Bae for leading her on and for hurting her feelings. Kevin also came out to Donna on Black Ink Crew and said he was bisexual and he preferred males but there are some females he is attracted to. He stated he does not like to call himself gay because it’s hella cliche. Growing up he had an attraction to girls and boys. He couldn’t really be himself and spent a lot of time hiding who he was because he was afraid of being bashed.  He said it’s not a fun life. He soon came out to his mom and put the all those fears of judgment behind him. Now he is a free open bi-sexual man not letting the stigma of society hinder him and who he is.

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