Domo Wilson Breaks The Stereotype

22-year-old Dominique or Domo Wilson is a viral social personality star and sensation. She first started her video blogging on the 6-second short video looping site called Vine. She’s entertaining, a comedian, and a member of the LGBT Community who faced negative criticism for being a masculine woman in a relationship but also wanting to carry her own child.

Due to some of the negativity of her pregnancy, Domo is an advocate of breaking labels and stereotypes. She promotes the hashtag #BreakGenderNorms2017 on Instagram to bring broad awareness that a woman is still a woman capable of giving birth despite stereotypes. More importantly, we all know it does not matter what clothes you wear because clothes will never change what’s up under it.

At age 5 or 6 she knew she liked girls and also Brittney Spears and Halle Berry were some of her female fantasy crushes. In her coming out video blog, she admitted to being in love with her best friend when she was younger.

Furthermore, Domo reveals at the age of 14 she begin dressing like a stud or more masculine. She felt more comfortable dressing like a stud and to make things even better, the girls went crazy with her look.

She came out at 15 to her mother at church because she was scared her mother had found out she was gay. She shared during her sophomore year, due to coming out, she felt the most depressed.

Lastly, Domo vblogs on different subjects, topics, q&a’s and her daily life with Crissy Danielle her girlfriend of 2 years, and fiance as of September 2016. She also documented her pregnancy, via artificial insemination through a local sperm bank, most recently her and Crissy are vblogging about the birth of their son, Domonic Wilson.
For the most part, Domo’s outgoing personality and truthfulness have made her a star on the internet with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and on the Gram! We are excited to see what’s coming for the Wilson’s 2017! Congratulations to your Baby Boy Domonic!

10 Facts About Domo Wilson

    • Domo liked Smart Choice TV Dinners during her pregnancy.
    • Domo Vblog’s EVERYDAY mostly with girlfriend Crissy.
    • She Went to the Army at 18 years old.
    • March 20/21 birth predicted for her son, she gave birth to baby Domo March 17.
    • Baby Domo had 20 pairs of Jordans before he was born.
    • The middle name Christopher of baby Domonic coincides with her fiance, Crissy’s name.
    • She writes music and can compose instrumentals.
    • She moved from Chicago but later moved to Indiana.
    • Domo and Crissy relocated to Arizona from Indiana.
    • She is a Cancer.

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