Frank Ocean just dropped a new hit single called ‘Chanel’, 4 years after his last album release, Blonde, which sold a million plus records without any record label. Oceans, ‘Chanel’ was released on iTunes and Tidal Friday night, March 10th and features rapper Asap Rocky on the remix single. The song blended melody and rhythm touches on several dosages of reality and immediately throws out subliminal messages with some lyrics that many may not be able to digest the first time around listening.

The very first lyrics “My Guy Pretty like a girl and he got fight stories to tell”, is he really talking about being gay and is this his boyfriend who’s pretty or a figure of speech? Most of the lyrics on this song may be a combination of current life present and metaphors. The lyrics “my guy pretty like a girl” could be a subliminal line, paying tribute to the ancient Hindu God Shiva, or Brahmans gods, who are considered both male and female or genderless.

Lord Shiva or Brahmans are all warriors and often where in many wars which in return could be the reason for the next set of lyrics “he got fight stories to tell”.  So, basically just because he pretty like a girl don’t mean he won’t beat your ass or have a warrior like instinct! Lol! If you have visited a gay club or two, I am sure you have witnessed a dolled up gay man getting down with a masculine male. Defending his gender fluid character at all means. Society is a very hypocritical place especially when it comes to gender and like Ocean, we also see both sides of Chanel.

The song has so many different meanings on so many levels, many of you may hold your own interruption of the song. For instance, “I see both sides like Chanel” lyrics, this is not hard to understand when you know the deep rooted meanings behind the Chanel Symbol. The two C’s are intertwined, which forms the two C’s in the middle resulting in an eye, the all-seeing eye. Which would be the meaning behind Frank Oceans hook in Chanel “I see both sides like Chanel” (the all seeing eye sees all sides). The Chanel Logo is also a representation of not only an eye
but the Sun.  Furthermore, the letter C is also the third letter in the alphabet. So two C’s  combined would mean 33, which is the highest level in Freemasonry.

He also says in the Chanel “12 treat a nigga like he 12″. People may jump right into Ocean saying maybe he gets treated as an adolescence or a 12-year-old but No! He is not saying people treat him like he is a child or 12 years old, it’s the exact opposite meaning.  12 means perfection. Ocean could simply mean people treating him like he’s an important figure or perfect almost ( In media for the whole 4 years he did not drop a single).

The number 12 also symbolizes Gods power or authority. As the lyrics flow out of his mouth to sing he is on”God Level, I am the I Am”, this may very well have referenced what Ocean meant. The number 12 represents the completed cycle of life. When a person reincarnates as the number 12, they have completed their full cycle of life experience and will have a higher-consciousness.

In conclusion, Frank Ocean is one of the many artists who uses subliminal messages in their lyrics. The Chanel song has several different meanings throughout the whole song. Frank Ocean has also been accused of using occult symbols, especially in his Pyramids video from 2012. Many other celebrities are also accused of using occult symbolism in their songs, videos, movies, etc. Listen to Frank Oceans song “Chanel” below.

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