Snoops Pearson & J. Adrienne’s Relationship

As we watched all the drama go down on Love and Hip-hop New York season 7, we also got a look into Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s personal and love life. We all know her from HBO’s hit show “The Wire” and also for being arrested for the conspiracy to distribute heroin in 2011. Additionally, she did 6.5 years in prison for the 2nd-degree murder of Okia Toomer in Baltimore when she was only 14 years old. Beyond all that, Snoop is doing well and opened up about her love life with former girlfriend J. Adrienne. J Adrienne left her son with his father in Chicago to start a relationship and a career with Snoop in New York City. Soon throughout the show J. Adrienne became obsessive and insecure, and her obsessive and crazy ways got Snoop fed up.

Snoop tried to have a business relationship after they broke up but that failed because she could not control her emotions and feelings about Snoop. She exploded on the show at a showcase Snoop was having for her artist on her record label Gorgeous Gangsta. It seems though J. Adrienne hasn’t gotten over Snoop because she cried like she was truly hurt at the Hip-hop reunion about their break up. She even stated she and Snoop were talking about having kids together.  J. Adrienne seems to be not over Snoop, but Snoop seems to have moved on. Furthermore, she states J. Adrienne started acting extra and how she was on camera is how she is in real life. So maybe if J. Adrienne can calm down and control her emotions and temper, perhaps there is hope for her and Snoop, or maybe not.

Watch J. Adrienne and Snoop at the Love and Hip-hop Season 7 Reunion below.

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