Nature Is Not Human Hearted” by  Lao Tzu.

A lot of people will say being gay or lesbian is un-natural? Well really is it? Are you sure? Un-natural has the main rooted word in it nature. Nature means the essence of a person or a thing.  Natural comes from nature. “Nat” the prefix of nature and natural means “to spring forth. Nature is derived from Latin Natura which means essential qualities or in ancient times it meant “birth”.

 Humans are very similar to the animal, plant and insect kingdom in many different ways especially when it comes to sexuality and homosexuality. There are over 450 different kinds of animals that engage in homosexuality. Homosexuality is expressed in the animal kingdom in many different ways such as affection, pair-bonding, sex and courtship.

A U.S Government documentary removed all references to homosexuality behavior from a report on Killer Whales. Since it was documented by scientist over 200 years ago the study of homosexual behavior in wild life has been something that the western government did not want to discuss. Seals, Flies, Penguins, Whales and male dolphins( have life long same sex partners), Elephants, Monkeys, etc… all engage in same sex affection.  Bonobos apes from the Democratic Republic of Congo are known to be very sexual animals. They have sex all the time with each other rather male or female. They are known to be bi-sexual in nature. Bonobos apes have homosexual acts just for enjoyment, to solve conflicts, and to get ahead in the tribe.

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