February of 2016 a lesbian couple, Monique Coverson and Larissa Joseph from Detroit Michigan where living  in Kuwait and were sentenced to jail for supposedly drug charges.  Army Veteran Monique Coverson returned to Kuwait to do work as a military contractor and her girlfriend Larissa Joseph followed her and moved to Kuwait to be with Monique.  One day their home was raided and a tobacco like substance was found. The Kuwait officials sent it to a Germany laboratory for testing.

It was found that the substance in their home was an alternative form of marijuana which is legal in Kuwait, but illegal in the United States. So the question is why were they sentenced to 25 years in prison, if the tobacco like substance was legal in Kuwait? Michelle Jackson, Monique’s Coverson mom stated that the charges were fabricated because they are lesbians, and being gay or lesbian in Kuwait is illegal. Monique and Larissa where held for 8 months in prison in Kuwait without any charges but eventually after being held for 11 months in Kuwait’s prison they were finally released by a judge.

In conclusion, I would say if you are gay or lesbian first check out other countries laws when it pertains to sexuality. There are 78 countries around the world where they consider homosexuality illegal and some countries even kill gays and lesbians for being gay. So be careful and again check laws because you don’t want to end up like Monique Coverson and Larissa Joseph imprisoned in jail just because of your sexuality and who you love.



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