Danny Boy From Tupac’s “I Aint Mad At Cha” Song Admits To Being Gay

Back in 1996 Tupac had the hit song “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” featuring Danny Boy who was also signed to Death Row at the time.  Danny Boy made his debut on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack back in 1994.  He dropped his first single in 1995 Slip N Slide.  He was also best known for singing on Tupac’s songs “Picture Me Rollin”, “All Eyez On Me”, and “Toss It Up”.

Earlier this year he finally came out the closet, and has admitted to being a gay man. Him coming out as a gay man went viral on the internet and social media. He stated he always experimented with men even at a young age, but has always loved women. He states he still loves women but he considers himself a gay man not bisexual.

He has 1 daughter who is 21 years old now and 2 sons from 3 different women.  He was also married to a woman and his last son is from his ex-wife.  He states he felt bad going back and forth from men to women and how he had to make up his mind as being a gay man. Danny Boy said while he was signed to Death Row he did dib and dabble with men, but not with anyone from Death Row records, none of them was his type.

He talks about how he struggled financially after Death Row, sleeping on people couches, and how it went from great to really bad. He is a man of God and wants people to see that side, not him being a gay man. Watch the video below with VladTV and listen to Danny Boy explain why he would not want his sons to be gay men because of how hard it is to be a gay man.


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