Brittney Griner Has To Pay Child Support

Brittney Griner (Phoenix Mercury WNBA Player) and her wife Glory Johnson  (Tulsa Shock now Dallas Wings WNBA Player) got into at huge physical altercation at their house in Goodyear, AZ, and the cops were called by Glory’s sister back in 2015. They both ended up going to jail for domestic violence. When all that was going on, they were actually trying to have kids through IVF and supposedly Brittney Griner stated in writing she would be the father of the child and agreed for Glory to get IVF. The reason Brittney Griner had to go to court to pay child support was that she thinks the sperm that was used for Glory’s IVF process came from Glory’s ex-boyfriend, so that is basically why she did not want to pay child support and is saying she is not the father.

Brittney Griner had picked out a sperm donor who was blond hair and had blue eyes, and she also found the doctor for the IVF process in Phoenix. Her and Glory were also going to the IVF appointments together and Glory has Brittney on video saying she will be the father of the child. Glory end up getting pregnant not with one child, but with twins and Brittney thinks the donor may not be who she had originally picked.  Now a year later Glory and Brittney are completely separated and divorced and now Brittney Griner’s babies momma want’s child support. When Glory had the premature twin girls four months early, the twins required a lot of care and still need care until this very day.

Brittney Griner had to attend Arizona’s Maricopa Superior Court on April 14th, she agreed to pay Glory Johnson $2,516 a month for their twin daughters starting on May 1, 2016. She also has to pay $8,505 for being in the rear and has to pay ninety percent of all the child care expenses. So no matter if those babies look mixed or black she still gotta pay. Who da pappy? I’m da pappy, Brittney Griner.  That is what happens when you join the marriage world and decide to have kids and break up. Now the LGBT community knows the feeling of getting summoned to court for child support since gay marriage was passed last year 🙂

Did You Know? Brittney Griner is the third highest scoring player in the WNBA.

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