The Syd Tha Kyd

‘The Internet’ band is a hot new soulful band to hit the scene with the lead singer Syd Tha Kyd or now “Syd” (Sydney Bennett). She is from Crenshaw Los Angeles, California and she first hit the scene with Odd Future. They reached their height in 2010. She was also the D.J for Odd Future and they also first started recording in her home studio. Syd is a 23-year-old lesbian that produces,raps, sings and D.J’s.

Sadly, she had to leave the group due to their homophobic lyrics and not getting along with the group members any longer. She did an Interview with the New York Times and she said she felt loneliness and felt distant from the other members. She was getting a lot of slack from the gay and lesbian community for being a part of the Odd Future group being that they had homophobic lyrics in their music and Syd was a lesbian. She eventually left the group and Tyler the Creator also from Odd Future supported her in her decision and left with her and now he is also the front man of “The Internet”.

Syd has opened the door for lesbian rappers to be themselves, instead of mainstream media putting female music entertainers in a box. Not all females are feminine and just because you are not feminine does not mean you can’t be artistic and have talent and have people love you for who you are. Talent is talent. Skills are skills. It is time for lesbian music entertainers to be themselves no matter if you are feminine are not and it is time for music labels to be open minded about their artist. Look at Ellen DeGeneres. She is herself, came out on national television and now she has one of the top daytime talk shows. Support “The Internet” and check out The Internet’s new song “Girl” ft. KAYTRANADA below from their Ego Death album. 


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