3 Top Black Fems In LGBT Web Series

Lately, there has been many hot lesbian web series hitting the net. I’m going to shout out the top 3 sexiest fems in web series online. This is based on personality, sexiness, and acting skills. There is so many fems to choose from but I went off of personality, walk, talk, and style. You can also check out the top black lesbian web series here. Here the 3 sexiest Fems on lesbian web-series.


Mya from NYGTV (New York Girl TV) is my top pick. New York Girl TV is a trendy web series about lesbians from New York. Mya’s name is Boop (how cute). Yes! Yes! Yes! She is super sexy, gorgeous and has the whole package. She has super sex appeal and her style is classic. Maybe her personality is a little dry (from the show), but so what, she is sexy as hell. If you haven’t checked out the web series NYGTV written and started by Amira Shaunice click here to watch it and see sexy “Mya” in action.


2. The second pick also came from NYGTV ( Maybe it’s the New York Swag…). Stacy is super sexy, cute, funny as hell and has swag galore. Yep, she is the sh!t. Most people may not know that her real girlfriend in real life is Tye whom plays her actual girlfriend on the web series. Nice looking couple.  Stacy is very stylish on the show and of course hilarious, anyways check her swagalicious style out on NYGTV here.

 Heaven Sent (Nina Lauren)

You probably have seen Heaven Sent in a couple of web series like “Come Take A Walk With Me” by Lady Luck Films and in a couple of episodes on Studville TV. She is very sexy and has acting skills. She has a very pretty face, is a cutie, seems really sweet, body is in excellent shape and her acting skills are on point. She surely is Heaven Sent. Check her out here on “Come Take A Walk With Me”, a web series about lesbians from North Carolina and all types of drama.

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